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Fed up with sitting on the sidelines as our communities were being tragically torn apart by the opioid epidemic, we decided to use our expertise in collective impact to do something it.

 Our mission is to mobilize your community’s   business, faith and philanthropic leaders under   one banner to find clear and effective solutions for ending the overdose crisis. 


Project Opioid is a coalition of leaders in communities across Florida who can no longer tolerate thousands of lives being lost every year to opioid overdoses.

We help leaders like you save lives by providing you with the tools, connections, and roadmap for success.

We challenge our leaders to commit to making a change within their organizations, congregations, and businesses and to use the tools they have to develop a comprehensive response that truly saves lives and puts a stop to the rise in opioid-related overdoses and deaths in the state of Florida.

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In 2019 we empowered our leaders to understand the opioid crisis – by the numbers – and to assess the current system of care and best practices used in our communities to combat this crisis.


 What did we find? 

 Opioids are decimating a generation, and there is no plan in place to stop it! 

FACT: It is estimated that nearly 630,000 Floridians are suffering with OUD.

FACT: Millennials and Gen-Z make up 51% of opioid-caused deaths in Central Florida

FACT: In 2018 EMS responded to 14,334 calls for opioid overdoses in Florida; that number rose

    by over 11% in 2019.*

FACT: In just a single year, 2017-2018, Florida increased distribution of Narcan by 179%


An effective response to this growing crisis will demand the cooperation and coordination of those that may not typically have a role in public health. So, we – with the help and commitment of our community leaders across the business, faith, and philanthropic sectors – begun to formulate a comprehensive regional response to the opioid crisis that will allow for a tailored community response throughout Florida.

The first step in this process is a statewide collaborative effort to building coalitions across the state of Florida that represents all of our communities.



The need for a collaborative response to the opioid crisis is clear: when communities work together to tackle social issues, we see creative and innovative solutions that are sustainable, and that change the culture of society for the better. 
Our coalition is built upon the concept of cross-sector collaboration and the principles of collective impact. We have developed a 5-step method for building coalitions that produce actionable solutions and will use this playbook to take Project Opioid statewide.

five steps


for Coalition




Enlist a super advocate to lead and recruit cross-industry leaders in each region



Introduce regional Project Opioid to the community and define committees



Commission a  needs assessment and analyze the opioid crisis in each region



Launch each coalition and focus efforts on resource development



Develop and launch a comprehensive response tailored to each region

are you a leader in your community ready to take a stand?

There are many ways to get involved with a Project Opioid coalition in your region!


Don't have the time but still want to contribute? With your donation - you can help Project Opioid save lives.

Project Opioid Headquarters

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Project Opioid, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.