Project Opioid, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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"Hope for the Opioid Crisis"

Finding solutions in our community

At this event, you will learn about:

  • The current status of the opioid crisis in your community and around our state, 

  • How local and state leaders can work together on the opioid crisis,  

  • Ways that business leaders can help create a “new frontline” in the workplace, 

  • Programs faith leaders can implement in their congregations to transform lives, and

  • How to connect with other local leaders working to solve the opioid  crisis 

DATE: August 20th, 2019

TIME: 8:30am-10:00am

WHERE: First Presbyterian Church of Orlando 106 E Church St. Orlando, FL 32801

A Convening of Business and Faith Leaders
In 2016, the State of Florida reported a 35% increase in opioid-related deaths from the previous year.
Our community is ready to change the statistics.

Join a Committee

If you care about the opioid epidemic and the future of our community, we want you to get involved. Apply to join one of our leadership committees and help shape the policies and messages that will transform lives in Central Florida and across the state.

Share Your Story

If you have been personally affected by the opioid epidemic in Central Florida, we want to hear from you. Your experiences matter and your voice matters. Share your story or be part of a focus group for our upcoming prevention and awareness campaign.

Stay Connected

Want to stay informed as this initiative grows? Subscribe to our mailing list about upcoming research and events, connect with us on social media, and be part of the team that is raising awareness about the opioid epidemic in Central Florida.

Project Opioid: A Regional Collective Impact

Central Florida is grappling with the rising tide of addiction and deaths related to the opioid crisis, similar to every other community in America.

In Orange County alone, opioid deaths have increased by 70% in a three-year period.

The Central Florida Initiative on Opioid Abuse (or "Project Opioid") has been established to begin a conversation about this critical issue facing our community.

In Central Florida, we know that problems can only be solved when we unite around a common strategy.

We are taking a collaborative approach that will allow us to stem the tide of tragedy and start saving lives through leadership, research,  education, and policy efforts.

For General Inquiries

Andrae Bailey
Founder of Project Opioid

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