Frequently Asked Questions
What is Project Opioid? How/when did Project Opioid get started?

Read our full overview here.

How can I get involved as a leader in the community?

Business and faith leaders can check out our Toolkits here and here to find resources specific to them and their needs. Community leaders can also join one of our five committees, listed here.

How can I get involved as a member of the community?

Project Opioid welcomes the support of our community members. We love to see you attend our events and help spread awareness and education to your friends and family. Talk to your employers and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) about the steps they’re taking to serve you and the community. Talk to your faith leaders about the resources they have available to your congregations. Talk to your friends and family members about opioid addiction to help de-stigmatize the issue. Our community must come together to address this crisis and we need you to help start the conversation. 

What leaders are already involved with Project Opioid?

Check out our full list here

I personally know someone who has struggled (or have struggled myself) with opioid addiction. Can I share my story with you?

Yes! Project Opioid welcomes all testimonials and stories. Please know that if you do contact us to share your story, we will schedule a time for you to come into our offices and record your testimonial for use at our events. You are welcome to share as little or as much of your story you would like; our creative team can edit out any parts you are not comfortable sharing. Please fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

My organization wants to sponsor/partner with Project Opioid, who do we contact?

Please fill out the sponsorship form here or contact Amber Addario here.

My questions isn't listed here! Who do I contact?

You can email our team here and someone will answer your question as quickly as possible. 

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Project Opioid, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.