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The Current State
of the Opioid Crisis
Press Release - FLOTUS.jpg

Press Release: First Lady Casey DeSantis Announces New Funding to Fight Opioid Abuse and Neonatal Syndrome

- October 2nd 2019

Post Bankrupt.jpeg

The Washington Post: Purdue Pharma has filed for bankruptcy. It still wants to pay $34 million in bonuses.

- September 19th 2019

NYT Bankrupt.jpg

The New York Times: Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy

- September 17th 2019

Miami - Sue.jpg

Miami Herald - 27 Florida hospitals file suit against opioid companies

- September 15th 2019

The Washington Post - Drug companies seek removal of judge in landmark opioid case

- September 14th 2019

Wash Post - Documents.jpg

The Washington Post: Internal documents show what drug companies knew about the spread of opioids in America

- September 13th 2019

NYT - Wire Transfers.jpg

The New York Times - New York Uncovers $1 Billion in Sackler Family Wire Transfers

- September 13th 2019

The New York Times: Purdue Pharma Tentatively Settles

- September 11th 2019

NYT Babies.jpg

New York Times: Newborn Babies Cry for Drugs

- September 7th 2019

NYT Settle.jpg

The New York Times - Major Drug Maker Is Close to Settling

- September 6th 2019

Vox: She spent more than $110,000 on drug rehab. Her son still died.

- September 3rd 2019

CNN Fast Facts.jpg

CNN: Opioid Crisis Fast Facts

- August 28th 2019

Wash Post - Landmark.png

The Washington Post: “This is a landmark.” The court decision that could shape the future of the opioid crisis.

- August 27th 2019

USA - 12B.png

USA Today: OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma offers up to $12B deal

- August 27th 2019

NYT - Sacklers Ownership.jpg

The New York Times: Sacklers Would Give Up Ownership of Purdue Pharma Under Settlement Proposal

- August 27th 2019

The Washington Post: Johnson & Johnson is responsible, judge rules in landmark case

- August 26th 2019

CBS Doctor.jpg

CBS News: Jailed doctor shows no remorse

- August 25th 2019

NYT - Seattle.jpg

The New York Times: Seattle Has Figured Out How to End the War on Drugs

- August 23rd 2019

NPR: Why An Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment Is Not Stocked In Many Pharmacies

- August 13th 2019


Orlando Sentinel: Boom in overdose-reserving drug

- August 6th 2019

Atlantic Pain.jpg

The Atlantic: The Truth About Painkiller Addiction

- August 4th 2019

NYT - Arizona.jpg

The New York Times: Arizona Files Novel Lawsuit in Supreme Court Over Opioid Crisis

- July 31st 2019

Wash Post - Little.png

The Washington Post: Little-known makers of generic drugs played central role in opioid crisis, records show 

- July 27th 2019

Wash Post accountable.jpg

Washington Post: Who is accountable?

- July 20th 2019

Los Angeles Times: Florida 'pill mills'

- July 20th 2019

NYT Town of 2381.jpg

The New York Times: 3,271 Pill Bottles, a Town of 2,831

- July 19th 2019

NYT - States Progress.jpg

The New York Times: States Are Making Progress on Opioids. Now the Money That’s Helping Them May Dry Up

- July 16th 2019

Wash post 76 billion.jpg

The Washington Post: 76 Billion Opioids

- July 16th 2019


NPR: Federal Judge Orders

Release of Data

- July 16th 2019

Governing next steps.jpg

Governing: The Next Steps

- June 26th 2019

USA Today Pain.jpg

USA Today: Pain patients left in anguish

- June 24th 2019

Washington Post: DEA database - Where the pain pills went

- June 21st 2019

American Medical Association: Huge Funding Boost Needed

- June 20th 2019

NYT Curriculum.jpg

New York Times: Drug Addiction Sets Curriculum

- June 12th 2019

Inspire Malibu - Fentanyl Hits the Streets Disguised as Xanax

- April 19th 2019

Tally Dem - Bills.jpg

Tallahassee Democrat: Two bills would help Florida tackle addiction and overdose epidemic

- April 11th 2019


NPR: America's Opioid Epidemic

- April 4th 2019


Mental Health First Aid: 10 Things You Need to Know

- March 27th 2019

New York Times: Reduce Opioid Deaths?

- March 26th 2019


Washington Post: The Fentanyl Failure

- March 13th 2019


New York Times: The Opioid

Crisis Isn’t White

- February 26th 2019


CNN: Eastern United States

most affected

- February 22nd 2019


The Recovery Village: The American Opioid Epidemic

- February 15th 2019

News Release: Attorney General Moody

- January 11th 2019

SG Narcan.jpg

U.S. Surgeon General’s Office: Advisory on Naloxone 

- April 1st 2018

NGA Logo.png

National Governors Association: Governors Sign Compact to Fight Opioid Addiction

- July 13th 2016

TED Talk: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

- June 2015