Project Opioid, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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What Is Project Opioid?
Project Opioid Overview

Project Opioid has two main goals: to reduce opioid abuse and to reduce opioid deaths. Those who are suffering from opioid abuse disorder are not discernible in our everyday lives. They sit next to us in the office, at our place of worship, and around the dinner table; they are members of our community and they need our support. In Central Florida and in communities around the state, we seek to:

  1. Create a local body of local leaders who can organize and drive new solutions to the opioid crisis.

  2. Use local current data to accurately appraise the local opioid problem and use regional data to formulate strategies

      to combat local opioid abuse and save lives.

  3. launch bold and multi-faceted awareness campaigns, in regions across Florida, that help inform local leaders

      and citizens regarding the dangers of opioids and regarding the local initiative that has been created to confront this


Key Areas of Focus
Statewide Collaboration
Project Opioid is bringing together government, businesses, faith leaders, insurance companies, law enforcement, providers, and advocates from around Central Florida and Florida. Project Opioid has rallied and organized over 500 community leaders from across a variety of organizations, including Red Lobster, Florida Blue, the Orlando Sentinel, and the University of Central Florida, and brought them into a collective work on this crisis.
New Frontline” Business and Faith Leader Advocacy 

Project Opioid will seek to find solutions by equipping our places of work and worship to bring help and healing to those struggling with opioid abuse. This will create the “new frontline” with business and faith leaders ready to serve their employees and congregations. Human Resource Departments, Employee Assistance Programs, and religious organizations will become a platform for education and information on opioid abuse. 


When our business and faith leaders are well-versed in the opioid crisis, they are then able to look across our state, reach out, and teach their counterparts around Florida about changes they can make to save lives. Project Opioid’s statewide partnerships are still in development and we have high expectations for what they will grow into.

The Central Florida community must create a new culture, a new conversation, and a new connection to make a difference in the opioid crisis that is wreaking havoc on our community. Project Opioid was created to do just that, but we cannot do it alone. We are all part of the solution and we must act quickly to help save lives and prevent more opioid-related deaths.